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translation & transcreation

I translate from French to English and from Italian to English. I specialise in marketing and editorial texts, working across all sectors but with a particular interest in food and wine.

Whether you have a website, a marketing brochure or an article for publication to translate, the quality of the writing is paramount. When it’s your product, your brand or your reputation on the line, it pays to get it right.

My translation will not only capture the meaning and impact of your text, it will also read like an original.

Whatever the subject area, I’ll research your subject thoroughly to make sure the finished text is written in the right style and tone and uses the correct terminology. I can even work with you to create a glossary of terms for future use by your company.


Some texts need more creative input than others - something often referred to as transcreation. If you have advertising copy or a text that needs to be adapted to suit a specific audience, I can help.

Transcreation is less about the words themselves and more about the impact you want them to have. When it comes to advertising in particular, what works in one language and country may not work in another. Adapting your communication to suit the audience and culture you are targeting can be key to your brand’s success.


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