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Dovetail provides translation, copywriting and editing services to French, Italian and English-speaking clients. I produce high-quality marketing content to help products reach an international audience.

I work with all kinds of businesses, from travel companies to winegrowers. They all have one thing in common:  their communications must be as good as their products.

High-value products, complex services or brands with personality need quality writing and words that sing. Whether you’re translating existing materials and need them to sound like originals, or commissioning fresh, new copy, I can help. 

When it comes to your customers, impressions matter. I will work with you - in your language - to produce great marketing materials in theirs.


"Charis was great to work with. She developed a sound understanding of our business and products extremely quickly, working with us in French before writing three English-language product guides to a tight deadline. The content was completely on-message and captured our tone of voice perfectly. I would definitely recommend her services."

Valérie Ferat, Senior Marketing Manager, Traveldoo, an Expedia Inc. Company

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